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Ladies Trip to Sabahan
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Hi Everyone!✌

Looking back at my post, I'm not going to say anything.. because I'll be repeating the same thing.. Actually, I got a lot of things to do right now but somehow I feel like writing something.. I know.. It is not a good thing to do.. 😅

Not quite sure what to write.. So I'm just going to write down the activities that we did together with the budget on my latest trip to Sabah 2 weeks ago.. So let's begin..

We went for a 3 days 2 nights trip to Kundasang and Kota Kinabalu. There were 6 of us on this trip.. 3 of us bought the ticket way back in end of Feb 2017 so the price is quite cheap. And another 3 people join us later and bought the ticket on April 2017 if I'm not mistaken.. We somehow managed to buy return ticket with the amount of RM190+ and not more than RM200.. I believe the amount is RM198.. 

Our flight was re-scheduled to 8.15 am.. And this is our sleepy face due to waking up at 4 am.

We rent Avanza to fit all 6 of us. The price is quite reasonable. We got it at RM390 for 3 days. So divided by 6, it will be around RM65 per person. If you would like to book any car, you can book at this no → +6014-351 4594.. I don't know how to spell his name, but we just called him Is.. Oh ya, we also fill the tank once (satu kali) and it cost us RM85. Not sure is it because we don't go to a lot of places or this car is petrol saving.. Oh well..

This is the only photo that we had with the car..🙊

And as for accommodation, we booked ours at Airbnb. 1 night at Kundasang and another night at Kota Kinabalu. The total was RM484.. Splitting among us, it will be RM81 per person. The place is pretty good.. You may click at the link for the places that we stayed. Without further ado, let's starts with the itinerary!

Saturday (16 September 2017)

Luncheon while waiting for the other ladies.

We reached Kota Kinabalu Airport around 10.50 am and we went for brunch at Old Town while waiting for the others who arrived later at 12 pm. Settled with praying and got our car, we drove to Jambatan Tamparuli. The weather is not so good because the time we arrived, it just started drizzling. But because pictures is a lot more important, so redah ajalah.. haha

Lepas tu semua kelam kabut lari ke kereta.😂

Then we drove straight to Pekan Nabalu. The road is.. wow.. really.. Because you going up the hill plus the mist start around 4 pm and it is hard to see the road.. You need an expert to drive. Thank god, Puteri is such a good driver.. We stop for toilet break and photo session and as well as buying souvenir. Compare to the market in Kota Kinabalu, I suggest you guys to shop here because it is cheaper compared to the Philippine Market. Unless you're good in negotiation, then it's up to you.😅

 See.. I don't lie when I said, you can hardly see the road. But in this photo, the mist is not that bad

 They sell quite a lot of souvenir in Pekan Nabalu. Sorry for my action in the picture. 🙈

The view is so pretty when there is no mist!

Then we headed to our homestay! But before that we went to Strawberry Garden and we got disappointed because the workers there said that the strawberry is not producing well in the garden.. We also wanted to drop by Kundasang War Memorial but the time we reach there, it's already closed. So heading straight to homestay lah after buying some food for our dinner.

We reached the homestay around 7 pm.. It got dark pretty early there.. We already feel the chillness.. The weather in Kundasang is so nice even at day time and somehow it's soothing.. But.. If you're staying in Kundasang, please bring your sweater, extra stocking and whatsoever that will keep you warm. Because the night over there is so freaking cool! No wonder we were wondering why they only provided one small fan.. You won't even needing it!

Sunday (17 September 2017)

Our initial plan in the morning is to hike Sosodikon Hill but everyone is unable to wake up because it was so freezing cold! If I'm not mistaken, my phone showed the temperature of 10 Degree Celsius.. No one dare to come out from their blanket.. 😹 But because Subuh is quite early over there, got no choice lah. need to wake up.. Even after waking up.. No one dare to take a bath yet until 7 am because the water heater is not hot at all.. 

Settled with breakfast, we went straight to Desa Cattle Dairy Farm.. The entrance fees is RM 5 per person. Before we tried the ice cream and the milk, take pictures dulu lah... hahaha.. My one, I bought chocolate ice cream. It taste just like how a normal chocolate milk will taste like.. Tried some of my friends ice cream, which was gelato yogurt but not to my liking. The milk is good.. Because the taste is not that strong and I think those who do not like milk, can drink it. If not, then just try the chocolate milk. They sell goat milk as well but I didn't try it.. I also bought the Toma Cheeze but haven't tried it yet till today. haha. The ice cream cost RM 5.30 and the milk cost RM 4.40 for the original flavour.

Then we go down to Poring Hot Spring.. The entrance fees is RM 3 per person. But there is not much you can try inside there. It's not RM 3 for all hot springs.. Instead, if you wanted to try for example the sliding hot spring than you need to pay extra. So we just soak our feet. But before that we had our lunch inside there. It is pricey. You can get nasi lemak biasa for RM 1.50 but they charged you RM9.. Got no choice because everyone was hungry.

In front of the Entrance of Poring Hot Spring

The RM 9 Nasi lemak Biasa and RM 12 Nasi Lemak Ayam. haha

Then we also try canopy walk but you need to pay extra lah. If I'm not mistaken you need to pay RM 3 per person and RM 5 per camera. Because they don't allow you to just simply take photos. The canopy walk gave us quite a sweat because you can consider it as a short hiking. Plus all of us was wearing slipers because we don't know that it will be a bit challenging. 😅 

Canopy walk take only like 10 min walk?

What other things you can explore in Poring Hot Spring

We were planning to go to Kinabalu Park after that but everyone was tired from the canopy walk, so we headed straight to our homestay in Kota Kinabalu.. Yes. Everyone was tired. So everyone except for the driver of the day, Fatin fallen asleep on the journey to the homestay. haha.. But before that, we went to buy Kepak Ayam at Kundasang first. The taste is so-so just like how you can find in any pasar malam in KL.

Not sure what is the shop name

We reached our homestay around 7 pm+. After we did some house tour, cleaning up and resting, we went to Perdana Park. We thought we can get some seafood there but nope.. Mistaken.. I think I read it wrongly in someone blog. 

So we drove to Todak Waterfront which was recommended by the house owner. It located near Philippine market, Sinuran market and Kampung Air night market. There is a lot you can choose from. I would say, the promotion from each of the stall is superb like really really superb.. But once you're in, the service sucks! we waited for almost 1 hour and our food is not even serve yet! Every one of us is grumpy because we are so freaking hungry and we requested them to tapau for us. It was 11 pm and we haven't had any dinner yet. After tapau-ing, and my friends can't stop cursing due to the bad service, we went to Philippine market, Sinuran market and Kampung Air night market. Just went there to bought souvenir and some other stuff.. I think around 12 am++, we had our dinner. Aiyo.. Stomach hurt lah.. Oh ya. The total for the seafood was RM 165.

Thank god the taste is quite good. If not, I think all of us will curse non-stop.😸

Monday (18 September 2017)


The temperature in Kota Kinabalu is the same as in KL. Not as cold as Kundasang. We had breakfast in the house. My friends cooked some food and the house owner also gave us bihun goreng. We went out around 8.30 am and went straight to Jesselton Point. I would suggest you to go to booth no 10 because they gave cheaper price compared to other booths. Activities that we choose to do were Parasailing and Fly Fish Ride. But for fly fish ride, only 4 of us tried. They charged us RM 50 for Parasailing and RM 55 for Fly Fish Rides. The boat to Manukan only cost us RM 22 per person.

This is the original price for the activities.

I don't know that I got seasick.. During 30 min journey to Manukan, I already started to feel dizzy. It turn bad when we were doing parasailing.. I vomit a bit and accidentally swallowed it. urghh.. Staying on air is a lot more better than on boat! I don't feel dizzy at all and it was so nice up there! I mean the view! You can only see water and nothing else! even the islands look so small. But too bad we only get to be up there for 5 min and they don't even put us into the water.. Sigh.. Should have requested for it.

 Too lazy to upload video in this post.. haha

I still feel worst, they already calling for the next activity which was Fly fish ride. I was speechless.. How lah? Feel like collapsed already but just go lah.. Put in some oilment and doing some breathing technique.. 😅 I would say that I do not recommend this ride. First because it did not fly in the air at all. Second, it is quite painful because the boat kinda like want to fly, don't want to fly. And lastly, you need to have a strong hand to hold or you'll be thrown into the sea. The concentration of the sea water is so high that it makes my eyes and my mouth hurt.

Dah tertonggeng, buat lagi frust menonggeng je tengok bila gambar jadi macam ni..

After the activities was over and we reached at the jetty, we went for lunch at the stall in the Jesselton Point before we head up to homestay and clean up. After check out, we went to the Philippine market and Sinuran market again to buy some ole-ole to bring home then we head to airport because our flight is re-scheduled to earlier time. But it turn out that it delayed till 11 pm.. 😤 I reached home around 3.30 am that day. We had no choice but to take grab and it cost RM 105.. Fuuhh.. terpaksa..

Activiti masa flight delay..

That's all for the itinerary.. Well.. You can said that most of our time is spend on taking pictures. Total photos and videos taken is more than 1k. 🙊 So how much we spend? For me I would say mine is around RM 600.. How did we count our spending and split the bills? We're using Splitwise App. You can download in Google Play. It is useful but you need to get use to it first or you'll get confused.

That's all for today! Thank you! 😘
Wow! Too much negativity!
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Assalamualaikum and konniciwa minna-san

First of all, I'm not going to write a long post. *I hope* Second, I'm not going to start my post like how I used to.. Even for me right, there is too much "sorry for not being able to blog". haha.. I don't know why lately, I have this urge of reading my own post.  And the one that I'm reading is the old posts.. Maybe because I missed some of the memories. Oh well.. Right now I do not have the best brain to memorize.. I think due to less brain activities to keep it active.. *sigh*

But what I noticed, most of my post contain too much negativity.. I was like "oh wow? Am I really like that for that long? Or could it be I'm only like that when I'm blog?" Or could it be that, I do not know how to express my negative feeling to people? Hmm.. It could be that way since I'm not good at confessing my feeling, be it good or bad. And I also have a smiling issues like from the beginning. =_=

Usually I tend to let people think whatever they want. I don't like to explain thing to people if they seems like they are not interested in it. It a waste of time. Even if they have interest in it but keep on asking the same thing, I will always use the word "nothing" because I feel lazy to explain to people. Maybe that's also the reason why I get into trouble and people misunderstand and scold me. useless. =_=

Okay, now this post sounds negative. haha. I'm not going to write any longer than this. Let end here. I haven't blog about my trips for this year yet. Will do that in the next post! see ya my love! hahahahaha

Whaatttt??? It's 2016 already??
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Wooowww... Like seriously?? *check my last update* okaaayy... August 2014.. Oh my god.. I thought that I left my blog without any update like in 2015 but just look how lazy busy I am.. Well time flies.. *I think I'll be saying the same thing later* haha

Just to let you know I don't know what to update. Like seriously.. I am also not that active on social media anymore. Most of the time I'll just be scrolling my twitter and my facebook.. Just scroll.. Sharing, retweet, and like-ing. haha.. you know what, I have never imagine that I'll ever come to this stage.. I mean working.. and busy.. hahaha

Okay lah.. Let just talk how I suddenly feel like writing.. I just scroll my twitter and suddenly I click at my blog link and here we are.. the first post in 2016.. *look at the calendar.. okayyy.* Seriously I have no topic on what to write. There are a lot of thing going on right now but I just choose not to be bothered by it. And the side effect is, my memory is really bad right now.. what I mean by bad is, like really really bad like old fork memory is better than mine. 

I thing I should start writing again. Not the formal kind of writing but the kind of writing that expresses what I'm feeling at the moment. If I didn't take personality test, I would never know that I belong to ISTP type. The shocking part to me is I never know that I am introvert.. Let me repeat.. I.N.T.R.O.V.E.R.T.. but when I think about it, it does make sense. I have been like this way longer than I expected. Oh well. Let just love our own character. 

Talking about personality, I have been reading a lot about this topic. Not to mention, I even went to communication skills class at my workplace. well it was more on personality type and how to communicate actually. I have been reading and googling on my type and what is the right work for my personality and it seems that I do best with thing related to skills. Right now I'm searching for books which allows me to do the test and provided the list of suitable work for my type.

when I think about it, I think I do better when I studied IT which require me to do some coding then what I'm studying right now which involve a lot of reading and memorizing. Not to mention, there are different in grade as well. Somehow I feel regret of changing my course to marketing. but I can't just stop half way right? Well another 2 more years to go, and let think if marketing really suit me or not during my FYP.

Apart of thinking to pursue marketing career,  I have been struggling on my career development. At first, I feel like doing some contract because it seems interesting. But it involve a lot of reading. I couldn't even finish one contract and the yawing is.. I don't know.. Uncountable. hahaha. I couldn't decide what I want to do in future. But because of checking and processing documents for project, I do have interest in project management but since I have no experience in it, I can't just say that I like it. It's more of interest in something new.

I don't know.. Let just see how it goes.. But seriously instead of something theory, I prefer something practical.
Convocation #throwback #150314
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*tengok kalendar* haha yea I know. Bulan 3 punya cerita baru nak hapdate sekarang. ahaks.. Time nak convo, malam tu takleh nak tidur kot. Excited punya pasal. Bukan excited nak convo tapi nak jumpa kawan2 yang dah lama tak jumpa. Rasa semua orang pun rasa cengitu lah kot. ahaha.

Masa hari rehearsal tu kami agak menggilalah jugak bersembang bergelak ketawa. Kan dah cakap lama tak jumpa kan. haha. Semua masing-masing excited bercerita keadaan semasa. Buat apa, macam mana, bla bla bla. Let cut it short, sebagai student under SICT (School of Information Communication & Technology), kami punya turn last sekali naik stage sebab kitaorang tak ramai. Macam what the fish?? Dalam tentatives tulis lain. Bengang pun ada jugak. Jadi macam lantakla. Kitaorang taknak dengar cakap sangat. Nak buat bising. hahaha.. But first let take a selfie.. Eh silap. Wefies.. (Pelik je bunyi)

Rehearsal Day.


Jeng Jeng Jeng.. The day that we waiting for had arrived. Bayangkan.. Seperti yang anda dapat lihat di dalam gambar, jubah convo kaler hitam. We need to pair up and queue for hours! Agak meleleh tak peluh? Memanglah pagi tapi lama kot beraturnya. Mana taknya. Last weyh last! Screw you, DCE students for having hundreds of students. Haha.. Kalau ikotkan banyak gila kitaorang berselfie. Siap kena marah sebab beratur tak elok. Mana taknya. Kejap ke depan, kejap ke belakang. Line tu pun tak betul, cemana ktorang nak beratur elok elok.

Kami Diploma Jurusan Teknologi Maklumat.

Sila jangan bosan tengok gambar saya. haha..

We went inside, be seated, queue for hours, went on stage for few seconds! and be seated again. =.=

Terasa seperti ingin belasah diri sendiri je bila ambil scroll tu. Shouldn't listen to committee advise that was : tunduk hormat sikit, ambil scroll, cakap terima kasih dan tunggu beberapa saat, dan bla. Patutnya aku buat : tunduk hormat sikit, senyum, ambil scroll dan bla. Nie nampak macam senyum melebih2 pulak. Terasa scary pun ada. Haish.. Gambar jalan atas stage nak turun tu takmo la aku post dekat sini. Gambar tu nampak poyo la pulak. Patut buat macam daus. Benti then senyum, jalan sikit benti then senyum.. Argh!!! #Regret 

Ah taknak cakap dah pasal tu.. geram! Haa cakap pasal geram, ni ada lagi haa geramnya.. Sila lihat gambar di bawah.

Tengok gambar belah kanan yang tengah tengah tu.. Oh seteress!!!! Kenapa nombor 2??!! Kenapa??!! Sedihnya!! Kalaulah result aku tak spoil masa practical, mesti boleh punya. Beza pointer aku dengan liyana 3.87 - 3.77 = 0.1..  (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

Dan yang bertambah sedih lagi bila kami tak tercalon untuk anugerah kokurikulum terbaik gara gara kami cari pasal (bukan cari pasal tapi bersuara hak kami) dengan stadd. NAMA SRC A.K.A MPP DENGAN PRESIDENT KELAB TAK TERCALON PUN! Orang yang kitaorang tak kenal dari mana aktifnya yang dapat anugerah tu.. ohhh.. serious tak puas hati.. Bukan aku sorang je.. Yang lain pun sama. Kitaorang adalah mengadu dekat bekas manager kitaorang dulu. Dia pun marah jugak. Mana boleh buat macam tu, Dahla data kami tak simpan! Then what is the point of them having to have that department but do not save our records? I have noooo idea! Okay aku tak se-educated mereka jadi sila diam.
Dengan buku graduate kitaorang pun salah, nama takda, bintang takda. Memang aku fikir "Do you hire an amateur to handle this big event by themselves?".. I have no idea. Okay I should stop with this complaining.

Keluar je dari dewan memang dok eh nak duduk dengan satu kos je. Hello, saya ada kawan dalam semua kos jadi kenapa nak selfie dengan orang yang sama 100 200 kali? Bosan orang lain yang tengok gambar kita nanti. Jadi apa lagi. Jom hambik gambar dengan yang lain..


Lepas je habis bergambar, memang terus pulang jubah sebab malas nak fikir dah. Pastu pergilah lepak dengan daus and kak didie. Okay kitaorang lepaskan ketidakpuashatian convo. haha.. Lepas habis je semua semua tu, settle ambil scroll dan segala urusan, memang taknak jejak kaki dah dekat situ. Melainkan rasa nak jumpa lecturer lecturer yang tercinta. Cewah! hahaha.. Tapi serious lah. I don't miss the institution at all. I just miss the great time I had with my friends. 

Okay harus berhenti membebel.. I just hope that all of us will have a good future and be happy in life.
SRC #throwback
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Sebenarnya malas nak menaip. nak post gambar je tapi.. nanti kang berat pulak page loading. haha.. so kt upload sikit, dan sedikit penerangan jela ye.. SRC stand for Students' Representative Council a.k.a Majlis Persatuan Pelajar.. Nak tahu cemana di pilih dan seangkatan dengannya, baca lah di sini. Okaylah. Jom straight ke gambar..

The preparation. (*≧▽≦)

Dengan mira, juniorku yang comel. (。⌒∇⌒)。

Ahli ahli SRC untuk tahun 2012/2013

Kami dari Unit Bisness & Keusahawaan

Gambar yang last sekali tu adalah penutup atau dengan kata lain majlis perasmian dan perletakan jawatan kami. iya tahu mukaku tembam. okay bye.. haha.. Sampai sini saja.. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧