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Whaatttt??? It's 2016 already??
Thursday, April 28, 2016 | 11:42 PM | 0 comments

Wooowww... Like seriously?? *check my last update* okaaayy... August 2014.. Oh my god.. I thought that I left my blog without any update like in 2015 but just look how lazy busy I am.. Well time flies.. *I think I'll be saying the same thing later* haha

Just to let you know I don't know what to update. Like seriously.. I am also not that active on social media anymore. Most of the time I'll just be scrolling my twitter and my facebook.. Just scroll.. Sharing, retweet, and like-ing. haha.. you know what, I have never imagine that I'll ever come to this stage.. I mean working.. and busy.. hahaha

Okay lah.. Let just talk how I suddenly feel like writing.. I just scroll my twitter and suddenly I click at my blog link and here we are.. the first post in 2016.. *look at the calendar.. okayyy.* Seriously I have no topic on what to write. There are a lot of thing going on right now but I just choose not to be bothered by it. And the side effect is, my memory is really bad right now.. what I mean by bad is, like really really bad like old fork memory is better than mine. 

I thing I should start writing again. Not the formal kind of writing but the kind of writing that expresses what I'm feeling at the moment. If I didn't take personality test, I would never know that I belong to ISTP type. The shocking part to me is I never know that I am introvert.. Let me repeat.. I.N.T.R.O.V.E.R.T.. but when I think about it, it does make sense. I have been like this way longer than I expected. Oh well. Let just love our own character. 

Talking about personality, I have been reading a lot about this topic. Not to mention, I even went to communication skills class at my workplace. well it was more on personality type and how to communicate actually. I have been reading and googling on my type and what is the right work for my personality and it seems that I do best with thing related to skills. Right now I'm searching for books which allows me to do the test and provided the list of suitable work for my type.

when I think about it, I think I do better when I studied IT which require me to do some coding then what I'm studying right now which involve a lot of reading and memorizing. Not to mention, there are different in grade as well. Somehow I feel regret of changing my course to marketing. but I can't just stop half way right? Well another 2 more years to go, and let think if marketing really suit me or not during my FYP.

Apart of thinking to pursue marketing career,  I have been struggling on my career development. At first, I feel like doing some contract because it seems interesting. But it involve a lot of reading. I couldn't even finish one contract and the yawing is.. I don't know.. Uncountable. hahaha. I couldn't decide what I want to do in future. But because of checking and processing documents for project, I do have interest in project management but since I have no experience in it, I can't just say that I like it. It's more of interest in something new.

I don't know.. Let just see how it goes.. But seriously instead of something theory, I prefer something practical.