My Little wings!
Blowing The Dust Away
Thursday, April 04, 2013 | 9:56 AM | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning... *winkwink* hehe.. (n.n)

When was my last update? Last year right? hihi.. sorry lah. I'm so lazy to write. But for this post, it will be boring so just skip it lah. Not going to tell much. 

I just finish my practical training on late January so oh yeah baby! Freedom from coding!! haha.. It really stress you know. There was nothing at all for me to learn at that company. I think maybe it'll be better if I just do home based project. -.- So.. I know already that the coding that I used to love so much is not as easy as the one that I learned. Even though I did score on my programming during class, but in real life, it can't even be used.. It deserve to be thrown into the dustbin *if only the system is a hardware lah. haha* But the only language that I learned were C++, HTML, PHP and Java only. It not much but yeah.. stress.. In the future I can just use coding for fun jela. Not as a career.. hehe.. (n.n)
yea.. This is java..

Oh.. I will be waiting for my result on mid April. So pray for me to get DL again. I can't afford to drop my CGPA again.. 

You know, once my practical ended, the next month (February) I started to train Taekwondo trice as much as I train this pass 3 years. Thank you my friend for invited me to train there. Now my sparring is better than before. :) But not to forget, the first day I trained there, by body was really aching and I can't walk properly. It took 3 days for me to heal. hahaha.. But now no more. hihi.. 

Yeah I'm getting better at higher kicking. - This one is call dower kick for GTF and chopping for WTF.

For one month after my practical ended, I started to work at printing company. Not in IT field but admin. Pretty much lari bidang kan? harhar.. Nothing much for me to do here actually. Just key in some data, take care of order from Ambank, answering call and others. Not that stressful lah. But quite tiring because of sitting too much. hihi..

Hmm.. That's all I guess. Dunno what to crap here anymore. Cya! (^w^)