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Come back post
Thursday, May 08, 2014 | 3:08 PM | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum, hello and good afternoon..

Fuuhh.. It has been over one year I didn't update my blog. See how busy and lazy I am? Okay just ignore this kind of excuses from me. haha.. I got nothing to do in office actually and I decided to see my on blog. And oh boy.. How I missed all of those memories that was written here.

What I noticed, I blog a lot during my school times because I haven't use twitter at that time.. And yeah.. I tweet a lot when I'm happy, sad, mad and etc.. It's a private account, that's why I'm meroyan too much.. xD But somehow, even if you missed your own thought, it would be a bit hard to scroll scroll and scroll to read all of it right? I mean, I tweet like more than 35k already!! ahaks.. And it did not has full story in it.

So that is why I decide to blog again.. To be able to read it when I'm old and smile on my own. haha. Ya know.. I'm not going to blog all the things that is on my mind in one post. Oh yea.. And to mention, I'm not going to mix up languages like I used to do but I'll write down properly. I'LL TRY!!

So get ready to read my fully english writing post and malay writing post from me.. okay maybe one or two sentence(s) will have some other language..