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Wow! Too much negativity!
Saturday, July 30, 2016 | 10:54 PM | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and konniciwa minna-san

First of all, I'm not going to write a long post. *I hope* Second, I'm not going to start my post like how I used to.. Even for me right, there is too much "sorry for not being able to blog". haha.. I don't know why lately, I have this urge of reading my own post.  And the one that I'm reading is the old posts.. Maybe because I missed some of the memories. Oh well.. Right now I do not have the best brain to memorize.. I think due to less brain activities to keep it active.. *sigh*

But what I noticed, most of my post contain too much negativity.. I was like "oh wow? Am I really like that for that long? Or could it be I'm only like that when I'm blog?" Or could it be that, I do not know how to express my negative feeling to people? Hmm.. It could be that way since I'm not good at confessing my feeling, be it good or bad. And I also have a smiling issues like from the beginning. =_=

Usually I tend to let people think whatever they want. I don't like to explain thing to people if they seems like they are not interested in it. It a waste of time. Even if they have interest in it but keep on asking the same thing, I will always use the word "nothing" because I feel lazy to explain to people. Maybe that's also the reason why I get into trouble and people misunderstand and scold me. useless. =_=

Okay, now this post sounds negative. haha. I'm not going to write any longer than this. Let end here. I haven't blog about my trips for this year yet. Will do that in the next post! see ya my love! hahahahaha