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Day out and grading.
Thursday, May 24, 2012 | 12:35 AM | 0 comments


Hello guys!! I haven't been blogging for a long time and I know that it's not that you guys really care about it right? Ahaha... Okay.

Nothing much to write here actually. I just want to 'remind' myself again that I'm a boring person and my life is boring even though it's not so bad. It quite tough you know to balance it when you don't even have any idea on how to do so. heee..

I just got back from mid sem break. 1 week only ma.. I'm not so sure if I said that I was resting and do nothing for the whole day is true or not because it was totally wrong!!. I'm not relaxing at all!!  Okay a bit la.

During the holidays, I went out with Mamat first because it kinda suck you know when you want to meet with the other old friends and they keep on giving excuses. I give up already. There was nothing much that we did. Just hangout and watching movie only. ahaha.. macam couple pulak. ada ke orang tu tanya nak couple sit ke biasa punya... ngek betul.. Dah la tengok cerita dark shadow. Lucah gila. Malu gila keluar dengan kawan lelaki tengok cerita macam tu.

And after that I got taekwondo grading test and Alhamdulillah I am officially a blue-red belt holder even though I haven't got the tape yet.. weee~ but it not so easy. Seriously! Among all, I hate doing push up and we end up doing 50 times. waaa~ Seriously I'm shaking at that time. And then there were sparring and our opponents were black belt holder. We sparred for 2 rounds per person. Even though sir tell them to control *especially to me because I'm the only girl taking the test*, but I don't think they control at all! I got kicked at my face and stomach a lot of time. And my body end up blue-black and aching on the next day. 

On the afternoon till almost dawn I went out with my old friend, Aina. We went for movie and eating and eating and gossiping. hahaha.. Actually I want to watch the avengers but the available sit is not so comfortable, so we watched chinese ghost comedy movie. Do you believe in ghost? was the title. Believe me. that movie was stupidly hilarious. Not all parts but some of it. And only both of us are malay in there at that time. The other chinese look at us and we just ignored them. haha

And then I end up sleeping for a few hours before I woke up at the middle of the night to finish up my SRC's proposals. This week is hectic for me. I become like zombie with a stressful face and scare my friends. Okay not scare, but worry. Yea it quite stressful and I don't know how's my future will be. Will I continue this kind of life? Who knows. Only Allah.

I'm thinking about changing my blog layout, but I keep on saying "nantilah cari". hahha.. Lazy-ness..

Okay that's all for today. Thank you for reading. :)